1-Redwood's Inner World

2-Mother Tree

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Redwood's Inner World

Tree Trunks after the rain

March 2011


Scouting the High Sierras

Going up to Mount Freel, South Lake Tahoe,

Mount Freel Southern Lake Tahoe, many moons ago.

Freel peak, Tahoe, way up there alone with Softy.1995

A land shared between cougar, bears, aliens and American shamans....
2 large crystal veins cross the valley underground.
It is said that it was a Sacred Indian land...
This is a remote very desolated area accessible on foot only.

Way up there.... I met Mother Tree probably 20 years ago.
From this angle she looks just like another old tree...
It took me a while this time to find her.
Every time there is a fire in the area I think of her.
She might be one of the oldest tree in this area of the Sierras.
She is said to be over 2000 years old and have survived thunder storms and fires.

Mother Tree
Rooted in granite

Mother Tree

Awsome Power 2000 years old- 2009

Mother Tree Root. A compromise between wood and stone... a true marriage.

Rooted in granite

Goliath fight

Silent guardian next to Mother Tree

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