Music: Stabat Mater. Pergolesi/Lyrics
April 2003
Dreaming and emerging of purple.

March 2003
More purple emerging, letting go.

" You can trudge wearily along a well worn path,
or become gloriously lost in the woods that lie on either side."


Music: Pavarotti and Bocelli
Winter 2001 Private collection.

About the process..

" Expressing emotions through colors and forms, another form of language..."

Art Brut designates
"works executed by persons unharmed by artistic culture",
in contrast to what happens in the case of intellectuals.
It is a production completely individual and wild,
produced out of pure necessity:
The strong influence is the one of an imperious inner voice of a psychic, spiritual nature.
Then emerge a necessity propulsing the artist in a creative fever where she gets completely absorbed,
indifferent to the public contact.

Elizabeth Lamond, born in Europe, moved to the States in 1981
Without formal art training
she decided in 2002 to use paint to fullfill her strong attraction to experiment with colors in free form.
She sat in front of a blank canvas and waited.
"Its like a birth process, she explains.
You know you are ready but you don't know the baby about to come to life.
Sometimes you wait for days.. You just know you got to paint, something is emerging.

Once I start I have very little control, each color and form flows into the next,
the Paint takes a life of its own.
It might be joyful and light or a much deeper expression.
I paint to maintain my sanity, I don't paint to have a pretty picture on the wall.
Although its always nice when it comes pleasing to the eyes
I try to not judge it, it is what its is, an "instant" of me, a feeling in me.. in colors and forms. "
None of the work is done looking at a picture. All comes from the inner soul and beyond...
Elizabeth has been exploring welding metals from salvage yards
"A more controlled form of art who haunts me for days once I have found the raw elements."

"You will notice the differences in color themes as my emotions change over the months, over the years.
The blues denote for me a much colder time, lost inside, more spacious but more aloof from my heart.
Sometimes the blues can also reflect a peaceful time.
The red are dwelving into the anger and the orange redish pink into some fabulous passionate times.
Some of the painting were very disturbing to get involved with, some others much more fun,
some more laborious.

The moment I tried to control (by judging) the energy emerging, its over, I loose it.
I just need to accept what is there and present on the canvas
because its truly me at that moment.
The difficult, the angry, the haunting is just as much part of us as the joyful, the warmth and the passion.
This process is very much a journey into the acceptance of self into our imperfections and gifts.
And little steps after little steps, we start, over the years, to uncover the "real" picture of self
a self which is never static, constantly updating, always flowing.
I tried to stay into the feelings and the urgency of the spirit of creating wherever it takes me.
It's all about the journey."

Elizabeth Lamond