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Not all that wander are lost...

"KC" What did you say mom?...



"Spot" doing what she loved

"Wally" with Luna. 2005
Wally was 40 years old and blind Appie
Luna is 3 years

"Douce" Westphallen Warmblood,
the King at home, watching his girls.

"Patty" was deeply in Love with Douce
and kept a constant loving eye on him,
she left us quietly last spring, she was in her 30'.

"Broken Tail"... A patient wise soul.

"Zoe" I got it!!

Alcatraz 2007

Bird flight 2007

Geese on river

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
They are "all" the best dogs I ever had
"Softy" and "Saucisson" were rescued at 1 year old.
They lived well... all of the next 21 years.
Best friends.
Saucisson loved the kitchen, she must have been a Chef in her previous life.
Softy had no fear whatsoever when it cames to protect me,
she attacked the UPS driver forcelly
She had no concept of her size, she had the courage of an elephant.

Precious beings
Good lives..

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