On the process:

Given sufficient light to perceive colors,
scientists tell us that the brain’s reaction to colors
seem to depend on the differences in thinking modes of the various sections of the brain.
Very bright intense colors draw a response from the so call “primitive brain”, the limbic system.
The limbic system is a group of structures,
as yet incompletely defined that generally includes areas deep in the brain.
These areas are transitional in structures between the “new cortex”
and the older portions such as the olfactory brain.
Scientists believe that the limbic system is involved in patterns of strong emotions.

Excerpts from the book “Drawing from the right side of the brain”


Nonverbal messages are so potent and compelling
because they are processed in ancient brain centers
located beneath the newer areas used for speech.
Nonverbal cues are produced and received below the level of conscious awareness.
They give our days the "look" and "feel" we remember long after words have died away.

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